​Discover these ancient ​energy techniques to ​Bring energy to your body & peace to your mind

Powerful Life-Force Moving Meditations

​​Qi-gong is ​a way to peacefully go within, beyond thought, to​ connect body & mind. It ​creates inner peace, and a strong connection with oneself. ​​After each session, you come out refreshed, filled with energy and enthusiasm for life.

Calm & Peace

Confidence & Determination

​Vibrant Energy

Why Choosing to Practice Qi-Gong ?


"Qi-G​ong helped me build connection between my mind and my body "

My name is ​Emmanuel Beato, NASM Certified Personal trainer and I want tell you about an amazing, life-transforming practice of mind-body healing and rejuvenation.

 I've practiced various martial arts like Judo, Viet-Vo-Dao and Kung-Fu since the age of ​9. But after a back injury in 200​5 I was forced to end my ​​​martial arts ​passion.​

Fortunately, I was led to the art of Qi-gong and used the ​gentle flow movements, combined with ​breathing and meditation to start​ practicing again !

 After much trial and error and many "Ah Ha moments" I finally ​experienced the connection between the mind, the body and the life-force energy... and it completely ​transformed my daily life experience !

Will I Be Able To Practice ?

YES, Qi-Gong is a Gentle and Soft Practice

These slow, gentle, fluid and graceful Qi-Gong movements can be performed by virtually anyone, regardless of their age, gender or fitness level.

Only 15 min ​In Your day​

Your body and mind will benefit more with a little 15 min daily session than 2 hours of exhausting practice every month. You will never get exhausted or sweating like crazy when practicing Qi-gong

​How does it work ?

​Chinese Medicine is based on the Life-Force principle. This Universal energy (QI or CHI), exists everywhere, in the air you breathe, the sky, the water, the mountains and the forests... and of course your 300 000 billions of cells !

Qi-Gong movements associated with breathing allow you to regulate this vital energy through the body and dissolve blockages of stagnant energy and nervous tensions accumulated during years. It help you clean your physical body as well as the limiting emotions on a subconscious level.

With a 10-20 min session a day, clean your emotions & super-charge every cell in your mind and body !

Benefit N°1: Increases Life
if you want to live to be 100... do Qi-Gong !

​The regular practice of Qi-Gong allow your body to rejuvenate itself a little bit everyday

​ ​​​​​​Improved Health and ​Well ​Being​​​

​A deeper and more restorative sleep, leading to slow down the aging process. ​Tones and strengthen you muscles, soothe stiffness, increase your range of motion. ​​Improved digestion, and a more efficient metabolism.

"Qi-Gong adds years of life... life to your years"

​Benefit N°2 : Help You to Clean Your Emotions & Release Stress

You’ll free up tons of blocked chi (energy) that has been stagnant and holding you back for years! You’ll finally have a healthy, safe, easy, fun, and effective way to deal with stress and your body will thank you for it. 

  • envira
    Helps fight depression and encourages an optimistic and happy disposition.
  • envira
    Increased ability to take some distance with the events & problems along your days
  • envira
    Deep sensation of serenity and connection with youself

Your mind is "calm like a lake in a windless day"

Benefit N° ​3 : ​Increases Your Natural Energy

With this sequences of time-tested movements combined with ​breathing, you no longer have to consume tons of caffeine, energy pills, candy bars, sugary drinks or other so called "energy" supplements to try and beat fatigue.

Uncover Your Hidden Energy !

​​Experience Qi-gong's energizing force in your own body and life. It's the perfect start to your day !

Infuse Your Body with abundant Life force

​Sky-rocket your internal natural energy and connect to true joy and happiness !

​You too want to experience these benefits?
Simply follow The Step-by-Step Video Course

​What you will learn along this course

​The organized tutorials, quizzes and worksheets will help you assimilate the informations necessary to a productive  practice


Learn The Basis Of Qi-Gong

As the baby needs to learn to walk before being able to run, we are going to review together the fundamentals of Energy. We are going to give you the basis you need to practice effectively.

  • tint
    ​How Qi-Gong works, and what are the benefits
  • tint
    What is Energy, and how does it works
  • tint
    The Mindset and Attitude behind Energy practice
  • leaf
    ​The Beginner Mistake that can ruin Your Mind-Body Connection
  • leaf
    ​​How to Use Breathing Correctly
  • leaf
    ​First Hand Practical Advices for Better Results


​Best Practice Advices

​Gets feedbacks from the field to practice better faster ! As a beginner, there are some preconcived ideas that can slow down your progresses. We are going to discuss some of them to help you get the most of your daily practice ! 

  • fire
    ​Learn the Basic Posture
  • fire
    ​Learn the Easy Sequence you can practice each morning !
  • fire
    Step-by-step clear & detailed videos for each movement


​Charge Your Body With Energy

​With this sequences of time-tested movements combined with meditation you no longer have to consume tons of caffeine, energy pills, candy bars, sugary drinks or other so called "energy" supplements to try and beat fatigue.

  • pagelines
    Cleanse the encapsulated emotions stucked in your body
  • pagelines
    Clean the stagnant & frozen energy
  • pagelines
    Step-by-step clear & detailed videos for each movement

MODULE ​​​4.

​Regulate the energy in your body

​Quickly cleanse any negative energy and wash away worry or anxiety from your mind. The reason you’re able to directly affect your sense of relaxation so quickly, is that you'll be balancing your body's energy, or "Qi".

​Introducing to you the maximum impulse academy

​Your conv​en​​​​​​​ient place to learn in the bests Conditions Possible

You want to have full control on your learning experience and go through the material at you own speed. Enjoy a Lifetime Access to all the content, videos, worksheets from any of your devices !

Clear and Detailed Tutorials to Practice the Movements Correctly

Multiple Quizzes along the course to validate your knowledge

​Completed !

Monitor your progresses throughout the entire course

​​Get ​Answers to Your Questions in the Private Members Area

​Never Forget Anything !

The 10 Summary Sheets in PDF are here to give you all the informations you need to practice effectively on. So you can Practice wherever you want !

​Never ​Alone. Always Supported

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Will I be able to practice on my own after this course ?

​YES ! It's precisely why this course has been created ! It gives you the basic knowledge, movements, techniques to begin your practice by yourself at home.

For how can I access th​is course ?

How does FOREVER sound ? Join the Qi-Gong Initiation once, and you will have lifetime access to the course materials. Access for as long as you like, and how often you like - across any and all devices you own.

transform you daily life experience

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    ​Helps you Reduce Stress Along your Days
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    ​Helps fight ​mood swings and encourages an optimistic and happy disposition
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    ​Improves the Quality of Y​our Sleep
  • universal-access
    ​Slows down the Aging Process
  • universal-access
    ​Become Strong and Flexible again​
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    ​​Naturally increases your internal Energy in few minutes
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    ​Perfect way to start your day with a clear mind and an energized body
  • universal-access
    ​Improves your digestion, and a more efficient metabolism
  • universal-access
    ​Gives a Deep sensati​on of serenity and connection with yourself
  • universal-access
    ​Creates a bridge between your Mind and Body through Breathing

​It's Your Time to Experience Inner Peace & Vibrant Energy

If you want to feel more energized throughout your day, and experience a deep sense of calm & tranquility

Then the Qi-Gong Initiation is the step-by-step guide that is going to help you understand the process to achieve it

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Disclaimer : The information posted here on www.emmanuelbeato.com with the Qi-Gong initiation is not intended to replace professional medical diagnosis, treatment or even advice. You should always consult a qualified healthcare professional with questions about any medical condition. Never make changes before conferring with your Doctor. We are not making medical claims about Qi-gong or energy therapy but refer to medical studies and testimonials.